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About Mud Color

Why, Mud Color? Whether we explore the Sumerian creation story, Egyptian or Greek mythology, the Mayan creation myth, the Yoruba, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and a host of other mythologies from cultures around the world, Mud or clay is the miraculous precursor to life. We see this as a common thread in the human story and celebrate it. We honor humanity and the planet we live on. We seek to bridge our differences, build together, and protect and preserve the planet and the things and ideas we have built. TOGETHER.

Our Core Values

Bridge. Build. Protect.

Our Vision

A world where empowered individuals build stronger communities.

Our Mission

Mud Color Inc is dedicated to community and environmental revitalization through service, education and skill building. Founded in July 2022, we are inspired to serve the community by offering programs that assist with members of society that are often forgotten. Veterans, At-Risk Youth, the Elderly, Ex-Convicts, people in transition, etc.

Community Service

Our Goals

Skill Building


Please explore our PROJECTS tab to see how we work to achieve our goals.

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