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Gym Equipment


This program is administered through The Warrior Warehouse and the Chance Community Development Group.

Parents, why are going into the fight alone? We know you are tired. We know you are worried about your child's survival. Our "BOXING b4 BARS" program will help you in the flowing areas and more:

*Full service mentoring and follow up at home, school, and on site.

*Career Development and Placement.

*Anger Management and Conflict Resolution.

*Community Service and Team Building training

*Gang and Drug Diversion & Urban Awareness Education

*Respect, Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, and Image building.

*Self-Defense, Defensive Sports Training, & Physical Fitness.

*Group Therapy and Group Purge Sessions.

*Community Partnerships for participant and family growth and strength.

*Community Seminars and Speaking Engagements for the community.

*Serving ages 5-21 years of age

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