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We are gathering a team that will best serve the mission of Mud Color Inc.

Grow with us.

Let's reimagine our community together.  

Coreen Williams


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Coreen Williams has joined our team because of her belief in Mud Color's mission. She is also known by her online persona, Neena Love, and brings a wealth of practical knowledge and know-how to Mud Color Inc. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from American Public University. She has spent most of her career, 20+ years, in both the corporate world and in secondary education. Her expertise is in legal and policy compliance, managing budgets, and setting up standard operating procedures.


She regularly volunteers at the C.H.A.N.C.E. Community Development group in Columbia, South Carolina, whose mission is to encourage youth and families to make positive changes in their home and community. She also volunteers with the Heart Gallery of South Carolina, an organization that helps children in the foster care system find "forever homes."

Although she resides in South Carolina, she also consults with non-profit organizations in her home state of Hawaii - Nurture Cultivate Inc and Hoaka Mana. 

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Col. Marie Matavao Slack

J. Russell Tai Hook

Coreen Williams

Mahealani Keo

Vincent McDaniels

Arnold Sapp

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