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Dry Clay

Book Bags and School Supplies. With $5, donors "sponsor a bag" for a student or "sponsor a teacher". Any amount has been helpful. Our first year, we were only able to buy the bags. In 2023, we are buying the bags and filling them and we will also give classroom support by sponsoring a teacher. 

Teaming up with 2Feet Productions, staff will teach learners how to document a story. How to ask probing questions and moderate an interview. Film. Record. Edit. This is a bridge that builds a relationship with the learner and their interview subject. Let's preserve the oral history of Columbia, South Carolina.


In collaboration with a Columbia, SC gym, The Warrior Warehouse, this program is administered to give youth an alternative outlet for their time and energy. It is a diversion program to steer youth away from harmful lifestyles. Participants learn from the best trainers and motivators.


In an effort to care for our neighborhood, Mud Color will provide a skilled laborer to make simple home and vehicle repairs. Volunteer Staff will use this opportunity to teach a skill to participating students at Mud Color. You provide the materials, we provide the labor.


Repairing a Leaky Sink

We are dedicated to fostering community engagement in environmental preservation. Through our community clean-up initiatives, we inspire collective action, creating cleaner, healthier spaces. Join us in our mission to empower  communities to take pride in their environment and work towards a sustainable future.

Trash Pick-Up

Hard Knock University is Mud Color's answer to traditional education. We believe that learning a trade or new skills is as effective as education. Courses will cover a variety of topics based on the interest and needs of our patrons. Learners will get hands-on training to learn a new skill and trade.

Drilling into Wood
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